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Mechanical, Electrical work in buildings are support systems buildings that require a mechanical system and systems that require electric power.


Project work that we have done. Covering infrastructure projects computer network, data center project, project, IP telephony, video conferencing, data cable installation (Optical Fiber cable or UTP cable), network security computer, and so on.


A series of work from several material components assembled into one with the implementation step by step until it becomes a form one of the types of construction so that it can be assembled into a unit / production so form to completion.


Civil works include housing, shop houses (ruko), apartments, swimming pools, and non-residential civil works (bridges, drainage, clean water and sanitation civil buildings) which are carried out with quality assurance the best.


Marketing the company's products and services to the customer base (Customer Basa)
which allows access to the end consumer (End User / End Consumer).


A range of services to perform service or maintenance on machines industry with various models of industrial machines to overhaul so that the machine can function optimally.


Pertashop is a small-scale Pertamina distribution outlet prepared to serve consumer needs for non-subsidized fuel, non-subsidized LPG, and retail Pertamina products others that are not or have not been served by other pertamina channeling institutions


Power plant procurement, manufacture and salesEnvironmentally friendly alternative electrical energy including oil gas, Mining, Power generation, Petrochemical, Lubricants, Heat earth and others that are hygienic and environmentally friendly.

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